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Beauty beheld is beauty never lost.
John Greenleaf Whittier

About This Site

We hope that you enjoy the images we have here for you to view.  But PLEASE be aware that some of these are not suitable if you are less under the age of 18 or if you find nudity offensive.  In that case, please leave this site now and do NOT bookmark it.

You can download images for your private enjoyment but these are copyrighted images and may not be used for any purpose other than viewing on your own computer.

About the Content

  • "Glamour" images have no overt nudity but there may be implied nudity or revealing costumes on the models.
  • "Nude" images are as the title implies - models may be topless, bottomless, or both and may be fully nude or partially nude.
  • "Explicit/erotic" images contain more graphic nude images of the models.
  • "Artistic" images may or may not contain nudity.  These images have been digitally enhanced to produce an interesting or entertaining effect.
  • "Scenic" images are landscapes or nature images that we found particularly attractive.
  • "Contact" provides a way to find more information about our services, about working with us as a model, about acquiring copies of any of our images, and a link to report any problems encountered here.
  • "Links" can connect you to people and organizations (companies) that we recommend.

About Us

We are located in the southeastern US but will travel to find unique opportunities to capture as much beauty as we can in images.  We use Nikon digital equipment for capturing the images, Capture NX2 and Adobe Photoshop for correcting and enhancing the images, and Expression Web to maintain this web site.

Last updated on: 2 October 2009
Minor format changes, add new images